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America First Alabama

Our goal is to hold Local and State Elected Officials


 Accountable for always Representing America


First Agenda's by signing the AFA Pledge.

The Pledge

America First should be every representative's #1 priority on their agenda. America and American Citizens should be put first in front of the globalist, bureaucratic money laundering scheme they have created over the last 50 years. We have been re-awakened to the idea recently. It has been hammered home in the last 4 years by the prior Administration and opened the box so "we the common folk" can understand the gravity of our Nation's current situation. Most Lifer politicians have been exposed by this Agenda in the last 4 years since this has come forth and center. The majority of America's Lifer Elected Officials implement policies that use our HARD EARNED TAX MONEY to overfund government projects. This allows them to collect kickbacks from the very companies that lobbied them (paid this politician on the side or promised the politician financial benefits to contract their company in the the politician's government project). This is now happening on a global level. Hence, all the American manufacturing jobs that fled to other countries. American factories found it cheaper to move their businesses than stay put. Allowing our foreign adversaries to manipulate their currency's helped facilitate this process. This is WRONG. American manufacturers, farmers, small businesses and corporations should benefit over foreign competitors at every level. If that foreign company doesn't like it, then open up in America under our rules and regulations. This isn't a controversial idea. This isn't a racist idea. This is an America First idea and anyone who is blessed to live in this country should hold this idea close to their vest. We Americans have a collective interest in making sure this happens. We want the best opportunity for all Americans, not just some of them. ALL of them.

Signing the AFA Pledge determines who is serious about representing us and who just wants to join the swamp.The AFA Pledge is not legally binding, we understand that, but it is a MASSIVE Indicator of a Candidate's Position, which should be all you need to know come election time. JOIN THE FIGHT!

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