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My name is David Owen. My wife Cortney and I live in Athens, AL.  We have 3 girls. We love our State and Country. We believe we can work to leave a free country to our children and are going to fight to make sure that happens.

After the 2020 Election, it has become evident that if we sit around and do nothing, there are plenty of people that will take advantage of that. We have seen that these people already have an America Last plan and they implement it fairly well. Whether they cheat or not is not the problem. The problem is whether we care or not. It's easy to just move on and hope someone else will fix this. We understand this won't be easy. We know it will be a battle. 


It feels helpless to see your vote not matter. Plenty of people in history have felt this way. 

Our goal is to change the course of thinking in our State to protect all of it's citizens. It doesn't matter what color or religion you are, once an evil country is able to take us over, we will only be a number to them. This is our worst fear. So why not fight against that? My kids will be affected by the future actions of this country. So will yours. The time is now to let your voice be heard.

God Bless America!

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